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I Ching

I Ching or Yi Jing literally means book of changes and is the most ancient book in China on analysis of present situation with possible changes in the future. Chinese philosophy advocates the belief that mankind is part of the Universe and that what happens in the near future can be predicted by what is currently in one's mind. When you are faced with crossroads in your life's path, the I ching can help provide you with the wisdom to clearly see you road ahead. Be it a career decision, selecting a mate or business partner or anything that need clarity.

The Chinese believe their sages influence the hexagram (answer) they receive. You may choose to believe your answer is derived from an altogether different source. Be it your higher source, God, whatever your believe systems is.

Casting yarrow sticks or tossing coins is used to derive an answer (hexagram) to any question that is asked. A hexagram is a six-lined graph or message composed of solid and broken lines. In total the Yi Jing comprises of 64 hexagrams arranged in certain sequences.


I Ching Courses

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