Feng Shui Research Centre South Africa


Welcome to the Feng Shui Research Centre South Africa

Feng Shui Research Centers have been established around the world with an international community of trained practitioners recognized by the Master Joseph Yu of FSRC.

They are committed to teaching and offering professional services maintaining the high level of qualifications set out by the FSRC.

Master Joseph

Master Joseph Yu founded the Feng Shui Research Center in Toronto Canada in 1998 with the purpose of providing quality teaching of Chinese Metaphysics.

He frequented libraries, and consulted professionals in the field, and in his research he found that Feng Shui was not based on the 'folk tales' as he had surmised, but rather a logical structure based on an intricate system of patterns and imagery.

Master Joseph & Elaine Hosiassohn

While successfully enriching the livelihood of many clients, he developed an international educational program and has taught and captivated students around the world.

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