Feng Shui Research Centre South Africa


Business Consultations

Elaine has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from small businesses to large corporate companies. She has helped companies achieve improved success by increasing profits, productivity and staff morale. Fees are calculated according to the size of the business [square meter].

Home Consultations

Two to three hours is the average time spent at house / townhouse /apartment. Elaine would require a simple floor plan, basic information about the property, including the year of construction, as well as birth dates of everyone living in the house. Firstly the exterior surroundings are checked, this includes the garden and neighboring houses/buildings etc. Every area in the house is then analysed according to the problems, if any, people are experiencing.

It could be health, wealth or relationship problems. Often people can't pinpoint any real problems in their homes but they feel there is just 'something' not quite right. Depending on whether a room is influenced by positive or negative energy, advice is then given regarding layout, positioning of furniture, colours, lighting and other general features.

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