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Feng Shui in South Africa

Recently I gave a talk on classical Feng Shui at the Dynamic Living Festival, which is held annually in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme for this year's festival was the preservation of life in all areas and aspects of our beautiful planet.

Retrospectively, over the last three or four years, there have been approximately five Feng Shui exhibitors at the festival. I am proud to have been the only Classical Feng Shui exhibitor, with no three-legged toads, no bamboo flutes with red tassels, no dragons and no bagua mirrors for sale!!!

Devoid of any tangible gimmick to sell, I chose to exhibit at the festival purely to create and enhance 'awareness' for the thousands of people visiting the festival, that classical Feng Shui deals with heavenly and earthly forces and has no connection to superstition, myth or religion. I placed a beautiful vase of fresh flowers, a water feature, candles, posters and brochures explaining the principles of classical Feng Shui at my stand.

I do not believe that it is merely a coincidence that this year, I was the only Feng Shui exhibitor and speaker at the Festival that hosted seventy speakers and approximately two hundred exhibitors.

This year I noticed that the energy of the people visiting the festival was completely divergent to that of previous years. They appeared to be more grounded and reflected a deeper awareness and understanding of metaphysics. Very few attendants were looking for 'quick-fix, mushy Feng Shui.' They all showed enormous interest in the essence of classical Feng Shui.

I was approached by a lady after the talk who began to tell me about her neighbour who had her house Feng Shui'd a little while ago. We shared a few giggles after she told me that every time she walked into her neighbour's house, she had to continually avoid been bumped on her head by the crystals and bamboo flutes that were hanging from the ceiling.

While reflecting back on the festival, I came to understand that there will always be people who find the need to constantly search for some new fad. I have come to realize that through the enormous advertising campaigns, books and artefacts that have been released into the market; the western world has become aware of Feng Shui, regrettably the kind based on superstition and myth. While this base has served as a starting point, I am happy to notice a progression towards a true awareness of Feng Shui. The gimmicky, misused crutch that has been termed Feng Shui for some years is finally losing ground.

What we are left with is the wonderful art and science that can help create beautifully balanced environments; an art that can allow people to lead healthier and more successful lives; the art and science of classical Feng Shui.

Elaine Hosiassohn
FSRC - South Africa

Case Study

Moving Premises - From Financial Success to Insolvency

I recently did an audit for a factory that manufactures glass and mirrors. This specific company had run a successful business for more than 15 years while operating from the same premises for that full period of time.

Approximately nine months ago they needed to move to new premises, as the company had grown too large to remain at their existing site. Shortly after moving in business seemed to deteriorate at an alarming rate. They developed major financial losses, which included bad debts, problems with the unions and numerous lawsuits.

Aesthetically, the factory appeared to be just fine. Using Flying Stars to perform the Feng Shui audit, which takes into account the year that the factory was built, I would not have picked up the major problems that caused the decline to their business.

The first problem I found was that I could not get an accurate compass reading. I walked the length and breadth of the factory, which took the better part of an hour. Eventually, I managed to find a wall on the back part of the factory where I was able to take a reading.

After drawing up a chart, I found that the main entrance had an evil line running through it. This meant that there were two totally different types of energies trying to come through one entrance, creating this evil line. We generally see that in this kind of situation, all sorts of catastrophes run rampant. This is significantly apparent by the subsequent financial decline following this company's move.

All the business transactions and meetings were held in the boardroom. The energy prevailing in the boardroom was one of confusion, indecisiveness and generally an extremely bad sector decision-making.

The director's office was placed in a good area but unfortunately meetings were never held in his office. What I found to be problematic was that his office had a solid glass window looking out into the factory. He sat directly in the line of a 'poison arrow' heading from the factory entrance.

His partner's office was adjacent to the director's office. He had suffered from eczema for the majority of his life, but since they moved into the new premises his eczema had worsened quite dramatically; very noticeably on his scalp. This showed up very clearly in the chart. Unfortunately he was facing his worst direction and he too was sitting in direct line of the 'poison arrow'.

Both directors' life numbers were weakened by the energy of the business. The accountant and accounting sector of the offices reflected lawsuits and continual bickers between staff members and this was confirmed to be the case by the directors.

Unfortunately they were forced to close the business down. On a more positive note however, they have taken out a bank loan and have begun looking for new premises - subject, of course, to a full Feng Shui audit.

Elaine Hosiassohn
FSRC-South Africa

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