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Feng Shui Research Centre Professioanl Course - 2018

This course will cover all the basics and intermediate levels of the principles of feng shui.

Module 1 and 2    
April: 14th 15rd 16th
August: 18th 19th 20th
November: 17th 18th 19th

Module 1: The Foundation

  • What is Feng Shui really about?
  • Chinese cosmology and qi
  • Heaven, Man and Earth
  • Yin and Yang
  • The Five phases and cycles
  • He Tu and Xian Tian Ba Gua
  • Luo Shu and Hou Tian Ba Gua
  • Yi Jing - What is it about
  • Shuo Gua Zhuan - Explanation of the Trigrams
  • Feng Shui and Architecture
  • Feng Shui and Interior Design

Module 2: Form and Compass

  • Mountains and Buildings
  • Rivers and Roads
  • Chinese Astronomy - the four celestial animals
  • Chinese Astronomy - the 28 Constellation
  • Qing Nang Jing (the Cerulean Satchel Classic)
  • Xing Sha and Cures
  • The Eight House School (east/west system)
  • House and People compatibilities
  • How to use the Luopan
  • How to do a Feng Shui Audit

Module 3: Xuan Kong Fei Xing I (Time Space Flying Stars I

  • 3 Cycles and 9 Periods
  • How to construct a Flying Star Chart
  • Water Stars and Mountain Stars
  • The Four Basic Types of Charts
  • The personalities of the Nine Stars
  • Holy 1 and Holy 0 (Zheng Shen and Ling Shen)
  • Combination of Stars with Reference to Xuan Kong Mi Zi, Xuan Ji Fu, Fei Xing Fu and Zi Bai Jue
  • Case Studies

Module 4: Xuan Kong Fei Xing II (Time Space Flying Stars II)

  • How to analyze a Star Chart
  • Excerpts from Yang Zhai Zhi Nan (A Guide to Houses for the Living) by Qing Dynasty Master Jiang Dahong
  • Adding Up to Ten and the Significance
  • Parents' Trigrams (Fu Mo San Ban Gua) and the Significance
  • Pearl String and the Significance
  • Fu Yin and Fan Yin
  • Castle Gate theory
  • Exterior and Interior Forms
  • Feng Shui of Commercial Complexes
  • Practical Work

What people had to say about the courses...

Dear Elaine
I enjoyed the energy of the group, the beautiful environment, your dogs and I think you are a very warm and wonderful person. Thank you Elaine!


Dear Elaine
"Excellent Course"


Dear Elaine
A very enjoyable and informative course. Looking forward to doing the next course.


Dear Elaine
I think you do extremely well to teach a difficult subject.
Knowing that we can call on you if we have problems is very comforting.
Thank you!


Dear Elaine
Very Informative - lots of info in a short space of time but easy to absorb and understand.
Loved it!


Dear Elaine
Before attending your courses, I read a few books on Feng Shui. These books left me confused. After Modules 1-3, I can truly say that Feng Shui makes a lot of sense now. Feng Shui can be difficult to understand. However with you as a teacher, it was easy. All the concepts were explained in a very simple and understandable manner.
I would just like to say thank you so much for all your patience, understanding, encouragement and support.


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