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Article - Taken from Gauteng Business 6 - 19 December 2005

Follow the energy flow...

Imagine being a successful businessman with a 15-year track record. Your business outgrows its premises and it's time to move. Although this is a minor inconvenience, it is a good sign, and you believe a new factory will help the business grow even more.

Soon after moving, however, the business Starts going downhill for no apparent reason. You try everything to save the business, but nothing works. Debts start accumulating, deals fall through and workers continually strike.

Eventually, you have to close the business, and you still do not understand how this happened. The answer - the new factory had bad energy flow that affected the business negatively. Elaine Hosiassohn, Feng Shui Dynamics' owner, has helped people improve the E physical energy flow, and profitability, of - their homes and businesses for nearly a decade.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of studying and correcting a space's energy flow. "From an early age, I used to feel comfortable in some spaces and not in others. Everyone thought I was a bit of a loony tune," Hosiassohn jokes. "It really bothered me because I knew I felt something, but I did not know what."

Then, coincidentally, while eating at a London restaurant eleven years ago, a pamphlet on Feng Shui caught her attention, which led to a study of the art. "That pamphlet started a whole new lease on life for me," she says.


"Feng Shui is about energy - universal energy. It has nothing to do with superstition."

"It cannot solve all your life's problems. It is a tool you can use to improve the environment you work in or your home," she explains."

Hosiassohn says there are two types of energy affecting our daily lives, heavenly (astrological) energy and earth energy. Earth energy can be used and manipulated to improve physical spaces. Feng Shui then, is a study of these energies to create a positive and optimum balance. Hosiassohn uses an office space with many windows as an example. To achieve balance, blinds can be put up or the walls can be painted a more earthy colour, such as beige.


"Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, people will work better in an environment like that because energy affects us. . . Feng Shui can create the correct environment for people working in the company to feel more comfortable and be more productive. That is what creates wealth in a business."

Hosiassohn says she helped many businesses create a balanced working environment.

She has even been involved in the construction of office buildings. Before construction starts, Hosiassohn determines the best possible alignment of the building's entrance to allow wealth 'to enter'.

There are 81 combinations of energy and different spaces in a building that affect people in different ways. One sector, for example, would be good for relationships or for bringing in money ­ these spaces will be best suited for sales people or managers. "Every aspect of a space can be used for specific jobs. . . (At the moment) I'm doing two large office blocks which we started on before the architects arrived."

It has not always been easy for Hosiassohn when she started consulting eight years ago, as Feng Shui was unknown and often misunderstood. As a result, it took the business four years to really take off.

"It was nerve-wrecking because you have the knowledge, but then you have to find the work and explain what Feng Shui is. I no longer try to explain the art. Whoever wants me, finds me. Now most of my work comes from word of mouth referrals and existing clients. This is heart-warming."

Interestingly, Hosiassohn consults for more businesses than home owners. She says business people are often more open to the idea, especially men. But, she warns that there are many snake-oil salesmen around and prospective clients should do their homework before employing a consultant.

This usually involves finding out under which master the consultant studied and which of the six major schools of Feng Shui they practise.

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